Wednesday, February 29, 2012

snapshots of new orleans!

No knitting worth writing about, unfortunately - but here are a few cellphone snapshots of what I've been up to! I spent the last five weeks in New Orleans, working too much to knit or, sadly, explore as much as I'd like. 

The last five weeks were a bit intense. Besides working 12+ hour days, my boyfriend of 3+ years and I ended up breaking up - so maybe starting that Mr. Darcy sweater last summer was bad luck after all (on a related note, does anyone want like 10 balls of boyfriend sweater yarn?) As sad as I am, though,  it is a huge relief to no longer feel pulled between Scotland and California - and to realize I can put down roots near my family now.

(As excited as I am to settle down a bit, being in a new city for 5 weeks just reminded me how much I love exploring new places, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of wayfaring in the future!) 

Also there was this whole Mardi Gras thing, you may have heard of it. I absolutely loved it, even if I did buy and then promptly loose a pretty fascinator hat amidst all the festivities. Dancing in the streets, strangers in crazy costumes - it was a great time and exactly what I needed to take my mind of things. 

So now I'm back with family in Los Angeles indefinitely, trying to figure out what and where comes next.  Right now I'm just happy to have a little downtime and to catch up on all that knitting I dragged with me to Louisiana and then barely had time to touch!