Thursday, April 19, 2012

april snapshots

above: painting the backs of my ikea bookshelves

There hasn't been much knitting since I got back to LA. In the midst of starting a new job and moving into my new apartment and everything else, I hadn't really felt the urge to knit - which is immensely frustrating! But I've gotten a few bits and pieces in, and now that I'm sort of settling into a routine - albeit a routine where I work 12 hour days 6 days a week - I'm trying to pick up more projects..

... like this Ingenue sweater in Sanguine Gryphon codex that I started this weekend ...

... or this tea leaves cardigan for my BFF. It was *supposed* to be a 30th birthday present but she turned 30 in February. 

I also made this Crooked Paths hat, which I promptly gave away and never got the chance to properly photograph. It was massive on me.

But mostly I'm just settling into life back in California! Hopefully soon I'll be settled enough to find the cord that connects my real camera to the computer :)