Thursday, May 17, 2012

one skein & one month in...

One month and one skein in (and about 2 days off since my last post later), here is what my Ingenue sweater is looking like! Hooray for Sanguine Gryphon codex! And why yes, I am using safety pins as stitch markers because I can't find any of the gajillion stitch markers that I swear I do own, and which end up pretty much everywhere anywhere I live, except when I'm looking for them. Now that the dust is finally settling and I'm a little more used to life and work in Los Angeles, I am feeling much more inclined to knit now - I just don't have the time! Fortunately I have my first (and only, until we finish shooting) two day weekend in a few days, and I fully intend to spend as little of it as possible wearing shoes or doing respectable grown-up things like errands or laundry, and instead spending it knitting with an audio book on my couch. Best! Weekend! Ever!  

One of the reasons I'm getting virtually no free time is that I've had to go to New York for work a few times lately. I say "had to" but really it was so exciting that I didn't even mind the lack of sleep or free time. I hadn't been to New York since I moved away and started traveling four years ago, so being back - even for ten seconds, and spending virtually all of it working - was crazy exciting. 

So that's here! Busy but good and trying to knit more :)