Monday, November 29, 2010

oooh, sparkly

Despite living in the land of Habu and Noro, I hardly ever buy Japanese yarn - the shops near my apartment stock mainly overpriced, acrylic fare - but I thought these were too pretty: 

above: oooh.

Span Jewel (about ¥715 for a 68 meter ball) is a nylon, acrylic, wool and polyester blend, with sequins (sequins!) and a fuzzy halo around a metallic base.

I also picked up one ball of Bacara Pur Fine (a nylon mohair wool blend?) to match - I'm really not too sure what I'm going to make with them. Something awesome, hopefully, which probably means that I'll reject about a million ideas on the grounds of not being awesome enough, which is what always happens when a ball of awesome yarn finds its way into my hands...

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  1. ooh, gorgeous new yarn!! I love the sparkles. I agree, it's so hard to find a project for special yarn!