Saturday, December 31, 2011

FO : traveling marilindas

They're done! Actually they've been done almost a month now - after spending half the summer working on the first sock, I blazed through the second one over a few bus rides and one day of staying in the hostel while traveling; I was just lazy about photographing them (and even lazier about getting the colors right; the middle photo is probably the most accurate). But! They're done and they're my first pair of socks in sock yarn ever, so I'm unreasonably proud of them. 

These were an awesome project for traveling, because it was intricate enough to distract me from our numerous long bus rides, but varied enough that I never got bored, the way I sometimes do with lace (sorry, lace). They were also knit in an absurd amount of places: the first sock was started in Seattle, worked on in Los Angeles and Oakland, then Ollantaytambo and Parobamba (I finished the first while at the natural dye workshop, much to the interest of Nilson and Aknar); the second was started in Parobamba, and worked on in or on buses between Puno (Peru), La Paz, Sucre and Uyuni (Bolivia) and finally finished in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Yay, socks! 

Raveled here


  1. Wow, they are gorgeous! I love that color.

  2. Thank you so much! I love the color too :) It's Isadora (in mad tosh sock)