Monday, July 4, 2011

FO: bulky moebius cowl

This was a fast instant gratification project I knitted two or three days after getting back to Oakland; it was my first attempt at moebius knitting, and even with the time spent puzzling over the helpful Cat Bordhi tutorial on YouTube, it only took a handful of hours. 

The weirdest thing about moebius knitting is that you start from the inside of the loop and work your way to the edges - I didn't realize this at first, and was convinced I was doing something wrong, so it was very cool to see the cowl taking shape. The CO for moebius knitting is fairly easy, but you really do need a looong and flexible circular cable - mine just squeaked by.

The finished cowl is very pretty, though California is too hot for me to think about wearing it any time. Really I just like any excuse to play with Malabrigo Rasta yarn (used here in Archangel) - it's just the most luminously gorgeous bulky weight yarn I've ever seen.

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  1. That is such utterly gorgeous yarn!! what a perfect match of pattern and yarn, it really looks beautiful.