Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FO: (late) midsummer mitts

Another test knit, though I am being woefully late in posting this. This is a super cute pattern by 
Jess of Sushi Pie, which used less than skein of Manos de Uruguay Silk Blend (way less - I actually made three of this glove, because the first was too big!) Though the pattern is only written in one size, I went down to size 4 needles for the entire thing to get a hand-warmer that fits perfectly, and would be perfect for times like right now, when I'm typing in a freezing cafe and wishing I'd brought these along. Anyway, if you like leafy things, you should check these out!

Raveled here


  1. I adore leafy things ... seriously ... and am always on the look-out for patterns that include leaf motifs. Thanks for showing us this one. It's beautiful (and I like how you chose green to highlight the motif!)

  2. Thank you so much! I love leafy things to - and definitely recommend this pattern :)