Monday, October 3, 2011

Machu Picchu and an FO!

We are back in our small Andean mountain town after a weekend at Machu Picchu! It was a bit of a last minute decision to go, but I'm so glad we did - we totally lucked out with the weather, and had an awesome time. 

Also, possibly less excitingly, I was able to finish these Toasty handwarmers on the train to Aguas Calientes, which meant I could wear them the next day before the sun came out and clouds lifted over the ruins. 

The pattern: I used the Toasty pattern only a starting point for the length, but cast on only 30 and then did a modified thumb gusset as follows (the same for both hands):
k15, PM, m1, PM, k15.
k one round.
k to M, sm, M1R, k1, M1L, sm, k to end of round.
k one round.
k to M, sm, k1, MIR, k to 1 stitch before M, MIL, k1, sm, k to end of round.
k one round.
Repeat the previous two rows until there are 11 stitches between the markers. Knit one more round even after the final increase, then, on the next round, slip all thumb stitches to scrap yarn, and CO 2 more stitches using backwards CO.
k one round.
k to 1 stitch before the new CO stitches, SSK, K2tog, k to end of round (and then k to desired hand length - in my case, 3.5 inches above the thumb).
For the thumb, I picked up 2 stitches from the gap, then knit them together on the next round; and worked 9 rounds altogether before binding off.
I'm quite happy with the way these came out! I got slowed down knitting these because I was also working on a test knit, but once I sat down to finish these, they went incredibly fast. They were probably the most simple pattern I'd worked on in ages, and I found it incredibly satisfying to have such a quick, pretty knit.

I was also insanely excited to use the yarn, which was a handspun DK by Pigeonroof Studios - I had it with me for two weeks before I finally had time to use it - I actually put it in my carry on bag just in case my checked bag got lost (this happens to me like, one out of every five times I fly, I swear!) and I really love it. The photo doesn't really do the colors justice - it ranges from coffee browns to more black-cherry-browns to gold, and is so soft and pretty, I can't wait to wear these more! Fortunately, Ollantaytambo is freezing cold, especially at night, so I have plenty of opportunity.

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  1. Great pics and your Toasty mitts look delicious. I love this pattern -- have made a couple myself -- but I especially love the color!

  2. excellent: a gusset for toasty! thanks for the notes. it looks beautiful where you are.