Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 knitting resolutions

I made a lot of knitted resolutions last year and, rather spectacularly, barely kept any of them. Pretty much all the plans I had in place this time last year ended up falling through and in the resulting chaos, knitting fell by the wayside a lot more than I would have liked last year, due to a combination of factors (a new job that kept me typing for as many 10+ hours a day, moving to a new city, and - as lame as an excuse as it sounds - ending a long-term relationship). Now that the dust is settled a little after all of the last year's upheaval and general craziness, and also now that my work is a little less brutal on my wrists -  I've been easing back into knitting but, given the way plans go haywire, think I'm going to scale back a little on the resolutions this year. 

  1. Tend to the overflowing basket of WiPs (see above) - and accept defeat and frog the unsalvageable ones. I'm looking at you, screwed up Swallowtail shawl. 
  2. Knit, let's say, four wearable-in-public sweaters. Four seems like a good number. And one of those should really be my best friend's cardigan that I promised her a year ago. 
  3. Listen to/watch classier tv shows/podcasts while knitting. Yes, I know, I work in reality TV now which means I'm sometimes obligated to watch some fantastically lowbrow crap (for WORK! I SWEAR!). The rest of the time, I need to keep my brain from atrophying. Now accepting suggestions for radio programs, good netflix-able shows and audiobooks. 
  4. Go to that Ravelry LA knitting group that I've been saying I'd go to for like a year now. There have to be other knitters out here, right...? Right? 
  5. No stressing about designing - I got seriously hamstrung last year by thinking all my knitting had to be devoted to coming up with new patterns and ended up just frustrating myself a lot.  If it happens, yay! 
So that's it! Five seems like a good attainable number (if you're me and you usually make long ass lists). So we'll see what happens. Here's to a happy and health 2013 for you all - thank you for reading my sporadic and over-apologetic for being sporadic updates, and I hope this shiny new year brings you nothing but the best. 


  1. Nice 5 resolutions you got here ! I recognize myself a little in your post because I just moved to a new home from Paris to Bordeaux. Now I feel like a "west coast" knitter !
    And working in the TV/ movie industry as a script reader I have to watch a lot of crappy french TV dramas for work. And that's exactly when knitting helps me going because instead of feeling I'm losing my time watching these shows, I now have a brand new knitted hat or a pair of socks.
    Good luck to you and keep doing what you fancy, that's the best resolution I've ever taken.

  2. I think that of all your resolutions, number one will make you feel great. Somehow, having languishing WIPs taunting you (even if in a basket shoved into a corner) makes one feel grumpy. And remember, when you frog something, you get to knit that yarn all over again! I like to mix up my podcasts between knitting ones and NRP's Soundcheck (I love music) and Radio Lab (I also love science). Happy new year.

  3. Sounds like perfect resolutions! Glad to see you knitting again!

  4. Those seem like reasonable resolutions. I tend not to make resolutions of any kind, because then they start to feel like "have-tos." I listen to the Knitmore Girls podcast and I like how the daughter chooses a theme for the year, rather than a resolution.