Wednesday, January 9, 2013

oh and also

One more resolution for 2013? Figure out what needles I have, and don't have (or had and then somehow lost in between here, Peru, the UK and Asia), and fill in the gaps accordingly. And also stop loosing needles. And stop *thinking* I've lost needles and buying more size sevens when at this point I have enough size sevens to knit an entire cover for my car using only DPNs. Seriously, keep track of your needles, self! 

Also, relatedly, make sense of this nonsense, below. Why are there tubes of lipgloss, memory cards and wine corks in your knitting organizer thing? No, really, why?


  1. It's funny how the strangest things start getting collected together. If you don't already record your needle stash on Ravelry, I highly recommend it. It's helped me stay organized like no other method!

  2. ha! I don't know any knitter who knows exactly what size needles they have and exactly how many pairs... it's too easy to lose them! ;) Good luck on your resolution, though!

  3. :D
    My sister sowed for me a needle organizer for Christmas, so convenient !