Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 knitting resolutions

I'm pretty bad at New Year's Resolutions, typically, though I did manage to keep up my goal last summer of knitting six sweaters in the last half of 2010 (though I didn't manage to finish that Vivian sweater). I guess goals related to something I love doing are a bit easier than my annual promise to start jogging regularly, but in any case, here are my knitting-related New Years Resolutions for 2011:
  1. Finish the Vivian sweater that I started way back in December 2009. For real this time.
  2. Finish the February lady sweater that's been sitting in a sad pile next to my bed for four weeks now.
  3. Seven sweaters fit to be worn in public. (I love making hats and cute tiny accessories, but I really do love knitting sweaters more than anything else.)
  4. ... at least one of which that I've designed myself.
  5. Finish the reading/viewing for the Design Your Own Shawl class, for which I have woefully fallen off the wagon during the craziness of the holidays.
  6. ... and then actually design a shawl using the information from this class.

above: I swear I'll finish this eventually..

And, finally, one stash related resolution, and really the entire point of writing this whole post, because if I post it here, then it's official, difficult as it will be: 

7. No buying new yarn until I've used the yarn that's accumulated in our tiny apartment - with only 3 months left before we have to pack all of our belongings up and hit the road for a good 3 months of suitcase living, the last thing I need to do is collect more stuff. There is plenty of gorgeous yarn lying around to keep me occupied. 

So that's it!  What are your knitting related New Year's Resolutions? 

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