Thursday, January 27, 2011

maru elsewhere!

My Maru pattern can now be downloaded from the Knitpicks website! I'm so excited, even if it is a bit weird to see my own face on another website. When I lived in New York, I was a huge Knipicks junkie  but living out of the range of their shipping options has unfortunately put that on hold for the moment, though I do stock up on their awesome needles whenever I'm home. This sample was knit in Gloss HW, and I am so happy with it; it's a bit chunkier than the original Maru prototype, and also a little less floppy. I'd love to keep it, but I already have one dark brown Maru, so I told my mom she could have it as a thank you for sending me the yarn. 

above: Maru on Senbon Beach, with Fuji-san in the background.

Since the pattern went up a week ago, it's already sold much faster than the pattern on Ravelry alone did; I would definitely recommend submitting to the IDP program for any US-based designers. Knitpicks was incredibly nice and understanding to work with, though I felt terrible because it turned into much more of a production thanks to much international shipping drama - they sent their sample yarn to my mother, and then I had to wait till I was home in California to send it to them, as Japan recently cracked down on airmail packages to the States and now does Sea Mail only. Oof. 


  1. it's a beautiful scarf!glad that it all worked out. I can't believe Japan is cracking down on airmail! Weird.

  2. Thanks so much!
    And yes, it is truly bizarre: no 16oz+ packages via airmail to the USA only. I think it has something to do with Japan Post being unwilling to deal with American security drama, but it's inconvenient, and it sucks not be able to send things home for people's birthday's etc :(