Monday, January 10, 2011

new york handwarmers

While we were visiting California, my sister asked for a pair of fingerless handwarmers for her New Years trip to New York; though I actually suspect these won't be warm enough for New York's insanely cold winters,  I do think they'll suit her life in slightly-less-cold San Francisco. She chose the yarn herself - Cascade 220 in Palm - and I bought it for her as a thank for letting us use her car for the week. The pattern itself is improvised, mostly because my mom's printer wasn't working* and I couldn't be bothered to go on the internet and find an existing pattern to print. They're not the most shockingly original things (just a K2P1 rib all around) and unfortunately I've since lost the notes I scribbled (along with my entire knitting notebook!) but she seemed happy enough:

above: modeling her Marian cowl and new hand-warmers.

* later, it was determined that the printer wasn't working because no one had removed that little orange sticker over the new cartridge that says 'remove before printing.' Heh, oops. 


  1. Hi! I found your blog via Ravlery and I figured I'd drop a line. :)

    Living in New York, I think those fingerless mitts would work for a short while, but perhaps they may not be as effective with all these snowstorms we've been having! Regardless, they are lovely... and awesome for improvisation!

    You lost your knitting notebook? D: I think I'd have a meltdown if that happened to me!

  2. Yes, I can't imagine they did her any good with the recent weather you guys have had been having!! When I gave them to her, her roommate suggested layering them over a thin pair of fingered gloves... but since she lives in SF, hopefully she'll actually get more use out of them this way :)

    oh notebook ... I'm sort of hoping it turns up at my mom's, which means it's only 6 months away, fingers crossed. Stay warm in NYC!!